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Collection Resources is an active member of the following organizations:

ACA International http://www.acainternational.org
ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, is the comprehensive, knowledge–based resource for success in the credit and collection industry. Founded in 1939, ACA brings together more than 5,500 members worldwide, including third–party collection agencies, asset buyers, attorneys, creditors and vendor affiliates. The association establishes ethical standards, produces a wide variety of products, services and publications, and articulates the value of the credit and collection industry to businesses, policymakers and consumers.

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management - AAHAM
AAHAM is the premier professional organization in healthcare administrative management. AAHAM's mission is to be the premier professional organization in health care administrative management. Through a national organization and local chapters, AAHAM provides quality member services and leadership in the areas of education, communication, representation, professional standards and certification.

Minnesota Medical Group Management Associate - MMGMA http://www.mmgma.org/
MMGMA is dedicated to supporting medical practices in improving the health status of the community and their patients. This is accomplished by promoting and enhancing networking, knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the healthcare arena. In addition, MMGMA advocates with the legislative and regulatory bodies to advance the concept of group practice within the healthcare delivery system.

Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association - MPMA http://www.mpmaonline.com/
MPMA was formed in 1923 to provide services to the petroleum marketer, to help them at all levels of government, and to support fellow marketers. The Association has four main emphases - education, regulatory analysis and programs to help with compliance, legislative and regulatory monitoring, and services for the members.

Minnesota Association of Meat Processors - MAMP http://www.mamponline.com/
MAMP is a network of Minnesota companies that belong to the meat industry. This network is designed to aid in new technology, further education, and keeping the meat industry a viable business.


Collection Resources is committed in following the guidelines and regulations of the following governmental acts:

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - FDCPA http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpajump.shtm
The FDCPA is a United States statute added in 1978 as Title VIII of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Its purposes are to eliminate abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts, to promote fair debt collection and to provide consumers with an avenue for disputing and obtaining validation of debt information in order to ensure the information's accuracy. The Act creates guidelines under which debt collectors may conduct business, defines rights of consumers involved with debt collectors, and prescribes penalties and remedies for violations of the Act. It is sometimes used in conjunction with the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - HIPAA http://www.hipaa.org/
The HIPAA Privacy Rule creates national standards to protect individuals' medical records and other personal health information and to give patients more control over their health information. HIPAA sets limits on the use and release of health records. It establishes safeguards that providers and health plans must implement to protect the privacy of health information. The Privacy Rule provides that, in general, a covered entity may not use or disclose an individual's healthcare information without permission except for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations.